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The Customer Service Center is the heart of The Copier Guys Inc. Our customers can access us anytime, anywhere, and for any reason. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. In fact, we have several support programs in place to receive your call and/or your feedback.

Tech Support

All our service technicians are dispatched through our Customer Service Center. This allows us to maintain one centralized customer service database to ensure accurate reporting, tracking the performance of all of our systems’ equipment. The primary reason that we can offer our customers high quality service is found in our competent staff, management and our certified technicians. Our average technician receives extensive training to ensure we have the best in the industry to provide you the best service available.

Product Support

In addition, you can call and directly speak with product specialists regarding any operating problem you may encounter. Questions on adding toner, clearing paper misfeeds, to more complex operations questions such as networked software, are no problem for our product support line which has been proven to be invaluable. Our commitment to quality and dependable customer service is paramount to both you - and us.

Remote Support

This is a new dimension we have added to our support infrastructure. We now offer remote support to get our customers up and running when changes on the clients PC or even the copier NIC need to be made. Whether it is adding an email address to the address book, setting up a new scan folder, updating the print driver, or resolving print and scan issues, it can be handled quick and efficiently. We are always looking for ways to reduce customer down time and this is a great addition to our support program.

What is our promise to our customers?

  • Our software or call assist automatically routes the details of your concern to our assigned manager
  • A time frame is immediately given for the concern to be resolved
  • A customer concern is considered resolved when the customer has indicated that they are satisfied with our resolution If you would like to know more, or if you have a question or concern, please call us at (864)515-9830 or send an email tochris@thecopierguys.com.